(with apologies to Shakespeare)

Dedicated transition manager

flawless data migration

rapid template generation

1 business day service response guarantee

changing core systems can seem daunting-but TransitionLogic makes it easy


Necessity is the mother of invention!

We’ve been very good at transition for a long time because we had to be! Almost 10 years ago we launched AdviserLogic into a mature market with well-established competitors. If we were going to win, we had to have a great product PLUS the ability to make the transition task as easy as possible for our new clients.

Hundreds of transitions – and counting.

We’re grateful that hundreds of Advisers, Accountants and Practices share our vision of user-centred purpose-built solutions designed for the particular requirements of financial advisers and licensees. Almost all of our customers have switched from one of our competitors to us – that’s a lot of change management. It is now a core competency of our business and one in which we invest heavily.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions!

Good intentions are never enough particularly when changing core business systems. Consequently, we deliver effective change through a highly disciplined process approach, keeping our new clients informed and involved (without distracting you unnecessarily from your key tasks).

Documented process

Process discipline and predictability is dependent – first and foremost – on clearly defined, well-documented process. It is not enough to ‘know’ that it works, you have to know how it works, be able to communicate it, improve it and ensure that there are no key person or single-point dependencies that can put it at risk.

Comprehensive process

Switching on your User ID and creating your password are neither the beginning nor the end of the Transition Process. It starts with the fact find we do with you before we send you a Proposal, and it’s ‘complete’ when you and your colleagues have gotten all the training and support you need to make the most of the best system on the market. In between there’s the Data Migration, the Template Builds, and the Workflow Configuration. Then there’s the ongoing Service Support – with a 1 business day response guarantee.

Dedicated Transition Manager

When you decide to adopt AdviserLogic, we introduce you to the particular person who will be your Transition Manager. They are your go-to for the whole process, making sure that all parts of our organisation are co-ordinated and delivering all the transition needs of your organisation.

Dedicated Training Manager / Range of Learning Options

When you change systems, you’re moving from one set of familiar habits to a different (and better) way of doing many of the key things in your business. To make sure that can happen as smoothly as possible and to make sure you get as much of the benefits of AdviserLogic as soon as possible, we give you the choice of webinars, YouTube videos, and one-on-one training.