In 2011, we decided to partner with AdviserLogic because we knew that we’d get the support required to grow and achieve. AdviserLogic is a vital part of our business because it enables us to stay organised and efficiently take care of our clients. As we increase use of technology in our business, we know that AdviserLogic are listening to us and are available to help us implement improvements in our practice. As we grow side by side, we are confident that they share the same values that we do of wanting to see advice delivered the right way.
-Matthew Ross
Managing Director, Roskow Independent Advisory

Technology is changing at speed in the financial services sector. I have used each of the leading software systems in the market and also created our own systems. My decision to use AdviserLogic was driven by our need to have a dynamic, nimble, easy to understand advice, licensing and payment platform that would support a rapid growth business. Our experience with AdviserLogic has been collaborative, the AdviserLogic team are very good at listening, learning and adapting to the needs of practitioners in the advice arena. I believe AdviserLogic represent the right technology platform for RFE Group as we move into a world where consumers are increasingly interested in advice being delivered through a blend of technology app’s and human interaction.
I would be happy to recommend AdviserLogic to peers who feel constrained by their existing software solutions.
-Peter Rheinberger
Managing Director, RFE Group

As a small licensee with 8 advisers it was important to find a revenue system that offered both flexibility and ease of use for the admin and advisers. After transitioning from our prior non cloud based system our import times have significantly reduced from over a day to now being able to import and pay our advisers within 3 hours. The continuing reporting improvements and user interactions are providing more up to date information and a much better Licensee reporting. The cloud based system means I can process pay runs any time anywhere and have done so from overseas. The drag and drop system for files means not having to remember passwords or carry paper files to complete a pay run.
-Daniel Renneberg
Austplan Pty Ltd

My move to AdviserLogic has proven to be a very positive one. Not only is the software very user friendly, but so is the support. The support team and the training sessions are excellent and make running our business so much easier. I would highly recommend Adviser Logic for anyone looking for a system that is simple to use and very affordable.
-Adam Carey
Suncow Wealth

You’re quick and efficient with our requests regardless of the little lead time we give. Great effort!
Always great working with AdviserLogic.
-Helen Ruano
Millennium 3

As a Financial Planning Firm holding its own Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) we were looking for a platform to be our total business support system that was modern, innovative and offered reliable customer service. We found all of this with AdviserLogic. We have been using the platform for a number of years now and the Team at AdviserLogic has never let us down. They always provide excellent customer service and support, with prompt replies to any queries or problems.

The continued ongoing development of the system is exceptional and we love the way that they listen and incorporate changes into the platform that are relevant to our practice as ‘everyday’ users of the system. New staff members have had no problems using the system and the training support offered is great for both new and ‘used’ users. The system offers fantastic tools that we use on a daily basis to ensure that we are able to continually offer our clients excellent customer service

Thanks to the AdviserLogic Team.
-Claire Masiello
Wealth Merchants Australia

Business is great and AdviserLogic has had a lot to do with that. I haven’t had any problems and it has been very easy for our new support person to pick up and run with!
-Sam Harrington
Llenpart Financial Synchron

AdviserLogic has exceeded our expectations. We can now provide our clients with a fast and efficient service including client logons that display accurate investment details. We are impressed that the software is so simple to use. It allows us to market our services against the major players and will enable us to remain a non-aligned financial services firm.

After trying other software providers we are happy with move to AdviserLogic!
-Angelo D’Ambrosio
ADA Group