Zurich Risk Datafeed

We’re really excited to announce that we are now receiving a risk insurance policy datafeed from Zurich.  If you’re interested in improving your practice efficiency by getting this, please contact us on datafeeds@adviserlogic.com!


You can see the press about this development by clicking on the magazine logos below:

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Client List Widgets

Are you running a campaign? Is it that time of year? Do you have an upcoming seminar?

Wouldn’t it be helpful to be able to keep a specific list of clients in a widget on the Adviser Home?

Well, now you can.  Client List Widgets let you define and view a particular segment of clients on your Adviser Home.  When you’re finished, you may simply untick the widget to remove it from your screen.

See Customise Adviser Home>Add>Client Search Groups

Risk – Inside Out

RiskLogic has had the first two in a series of upcoming enhancements.


Term Inside, TPD Outside Super

You’ve now got the ability to quote for combined insurance where the Term portion sits inside Retail Super or SMSF and the TPD portion sits outside of the superannuation environment.

Basic, Superior

When quoting for Trauma and Income Protection together, you can now select basic or superior status for each portion separately – rather than having to select both as Basic or both as Superior.

We’re Maturing!


Aside from the greying beard, we also have a new Adviser Home widget that notifies you when your clients’ term deposits are maturing. This lets you manage the event in advance and ensure the provision of advice in a timely fashion.

We’ve gone to great lengths to find an original name for this widget: Term Deposit Maturity Dates. We hope you like it.

You’ll be able to add the widget by going to Adviser Home> Customise Adviser Home> tick Term Deposit Maturity Dates.

Deficit Cash Flow

For all you cash flow modellers, we’ve got a super exciting new feature in the Cash Flow module!  Deficit Cash Flow

When you’re projecting out a scenario and expenses exceed income, in order to balance the books, you’ll need to draw down funds from cash reserves, by selling down assets, drawing on loans or drawing on pension accounts.

Rather than doing this manually each year, Deficit Cash Flow allows you to set parameters to automatically draw the exact amount each year to make the model balance nicely.  It even takes tax implications into consideration.

This is a massive time saver and will help in lots of scenarios, including transition to retirement models.

Note:  This feature complements Cash Management – which let’s you do the opposite – direct where excess cash flow goes (paying down loans, super contributions etc).

Background Document Uploading

Have 5 big PDFs to upload?  No problem!

Just drag them together onto the Client Home and we’ll upload them in the background for you.

You can continue to use AdviserLogic while the files are being uploaded.  Once the process is complete, you’ll get a little popup asking you to categorise them.

More efficient, isn’t it?


Note: If it is a PDF you’ve uploaded, you’ll be able to view it in-browser while in the document vault – no need to download the file to your computer!


Waiting On (Tasks)

OK, so here is the scenario:

You’ve been assigned a task to contact a client and ask for their ABN.  You ring the client and leave a voicemail message for them.

Now what?  It is still your task, but you’re now waiting on the client to give it to you (the ABN, that is).

So what happens next? The client rings up and tells you to just ask their accountant!

You go ahead and ring the accountant.  His secretary takes a message for you.

Now you’re waiting on the accountant!

AdviserLogic has the solution. Waiting On.

You can now flag tasks as waiting on the client, on someone from your office or a third party.  You can even name these AND they’re colour-coded.

This will mean that of the thirty tasks assigned to you, you can concentrate on the few that can actually be done now, while the rest are flagged as waiting on someone else.


Note: You guys seem to love this! We noticed it started getting used within minutes of us adding the feature.


FOFA Mapping

What can we say?  Sorry.  The FOFA Orphan Mapping screen was horrible before.  We’ve now made it much faster and about 20x more efficient to use.  With the thousands of fee records coming through in your fee statements, it needed an efficient mapping system.  We have now delivered it and you’ll be generating those FDSs in no time!


No, we’re not getting into online dating.  However, your clients have all sorts of relationships.  Cousins, Uncle/Nephew, Colleagues, Parent/Child, Accountant/Accounting Client.  Now you can easily set up relationship pairs and add them through the link found in Fact Finder>Basic Information>Relationships.

Whatever you add will show up in the Client Home of both members of the relationship and, of course, they’re clickable!