Datafeed perfection

AdviserLogic gets a lot of datafeeds – you can see the list here.  We reconcile them daily to ensure that they’re accurate and are giving you and your clients access to the quality of information you require for good decision making.  However, for some things, we need your assistance.  So we’re making it a little easier for you to help!

At the top of your AdviserLogic screen, you may notice a little number over the datafeeds icon.  You can see images of it in unclicked and clicked states:



The idea here is that we’re prompting you to do the things that we can’t do automatically.  There are two ways you can help:

1. If we are getting an error message from the platform, it means you’ll need to get updated datafeed credentials from the platform and plug them into AdviserLogic.  Instructions can be found here.

2. Although we automatically map datafeeds to client accounts if name and date of birth match, we need you to map the rest.  So you can see in the image above that a pretty good start has been made, but there is a little further to go!

We’re working on getting you more feeds, by the way.  If there is another one that you’d like, feel free to let us know.

Any questions about datafeeds?  Please email and the team will be happy to help.

Super Rollover – Super Fast

We’ve taken recommending superannuation rollovers to the next level of cool.  OK, so it wasn’t on the first level of cool…and may still not even be on the ladder…

However, we’ve made it incredibly fast and easy to recommend a superannuation rollover through AdviserLogic.


We have assumed you will:

  • recommend rolling over all existing funds
  • recommend the same platform each time (one for small balances another for large – you set the threshold)
  • use model portfolios that match risk profiles
However, you can always

  • deselect some of the funds or reduce the amount being rolled over
  • select an existing fund or a totally different one
  • select a different model portfolio, edit an existing one or build a totally new portfolio

Once you’ve confirmed you’re ready to go, it will load all of this information into SuperLogic (our super comparison tool based on SuperRatings research data) so you can compare features and fees (including underlying assets).

Next step is to produce your Statement of Advice.  Super Easy!

See published article:


Licensee Console

AdviserLogic has released a new tool for AFSLs that enable you to provide your advisers with a range of content directly to their AdviserLogic account.

Examples include:

  • SoA and other document templates
  • Fixed documents such as a current FSG or adviser manual
  • Custom Fact Find modules
  • Risk Profiles
  • Model Portfolios
  • Database Segmentation reports
  • Approved Product List

Furthermore, advisers can give permission to their licensee to access their account for the purposes of remote compliance checks and value-add services.

You can read more about it in the press


or contact us directly to discuss how we can help you get organised!

Enhanced Trauma Research

Together with our research partner, Omnium, AdviserLogic has

upgraded its RiskLogic insurance research tool to cover thirteen

additional cancers and ten other medical conditions.  We now

have a total of 249 categories being researched containing 870

sub-categories with more to come in the next few weeks.


The latest additions are:

Crohn’s disease
Facial reconstruction
Hydotidiform moles
Peripheral Neuropathy


Cancer – Leukaemia
Cancer – Melanoma
Cancer – Prostate
Carcinoma in situ – Breast
Carcinoma in situ – Cervix
Carcinoma in situ – Fallopian Tube
Carcinoma in situ – Ovary
Carcinoma in situ – Penis
Carcinoma in situ – Perineum
Carcinoma in situ – Testicle
Carcinoma in situ – Uterus
Carcinoma in situ – Vagina
Carcinoma in situ – Vulva


Holiday Hours

To Our Wonderful Clients,

Thank you for your support throughout 2014. We wish to advise that our Support Team shall be on holidays from the 24th of December and shall return on the 5th of January.

If you require assistance during that period, you can still email However, you should expect that we will only respond to urgent queries and response times will be longer than our usual service standards. We will also be conducting a significant infrastructure upgrade over Christmas Day and Boxing Day and expect that during this period, there shall be some application downtime.

The last week has been a difficult time for Australians – especially Sydneysiders.  We’d like to take this opportunity to wish you well over the holidays and that we should all have a peaceful 2015.

Warm Regards,

Team AdviserLogic


AdviserLogic Seasons Greetings

FOFA, the real F-word

FOFA, the real F-word. I’m not going to sugar coat it. This legislation contains several onerous obligations for advisers that do not seem to be designed to protect consumers. Based on the current business models of most advisers, there will be a lot of additional compliance work to do. It will be expensive and uncomfortable. OK, I sugar coated it a little.

The good news is, although we may not quite love FOFA, at least we now know for sure that we’ve got it… I think.

See the rest of this article at NO MORE PRACTICE




You should also sign up for AdviserLogic FOFA training – it is on this Wednesday 1PM (QLD time)

CPD points now available for AdviserLogic training!


AdviserLogic is now accredited to issue up to four FPA and ASIC continuing professional development points for attending our training webinars!

From the FPA, one CPD point will be given for each module completed from the AdviserLogic introductory session, intermediate session, cash flow session and workflow session

For ASIC, the points all fall within ‘Skills’. For FPA professional dimensions, 0.5 point applies for capability and 0.5 point for attributes and performance.

AdviserLogic is pleased to be able to deliver this extra benefit to our users and we are proud that the quality of our training has been awarded this recognition!


View our TRAINING SCHEDULE to RSVP for your preferred sessions!

You can read more in IFAifa