I’ve seen the future and it is wonderful!

AdviserLogic – Gold Sponsor ifa Excellence Awards 2016

I’ve seen the future and it is wonderful!

The Future of Financial Advice was on show Friday night at the ifa Excellence Awards 2016. Independent licensees, practice principals and advisers both young and slightly less so waited nervously for the award announcements. Shouts of delight could be heard as winners were announced and commiserating back slaps seen around the room for those not quite getting there.
What was clear was that in that room, there was a tremendous amount of passion for the delivery of high-quality, independent financial advice.

Right in front of your eyes, you could see the industry melting away and the profession emerging. The finalists shared the blessings of not only good business acumen, but also a desire to forge a new and better path. They are professionals who seek to collaborate and encourage each other in the pursuit of great advice delivery. They were ushering in an era of financial advice that is independent of institutional interests and will be an inspiration to their colleagues in advice who will seek to emulate them.

We’re very proud to be involved and very proud of all our users who were runners up and winners!

With a group like this leading the way, the future is bright!


AdviserLogic – Gold Sponsor ifa Excellence Awards 2016

In line with our strong commitment to independent financial advice, AdviserLogic is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of the ifa Excellence Awards 2016.

We’re very excited that many long-time AdviserLogic users have been nominated across a range of award categories.

Daniel Gara and Marnie Page will both be making award presentations. If you’re going to be there, come and say hi!


AdviserLogic announces PayLogic service to track AFSL revenue

AdviserLogic launched its revenue management system 12 months ago to assist licensees in managing commissions and fees efficiently in the FDS and opt-in era. It has received resounding response from the user groups who have made it their system of choice.

“Revenue management can be painful for Dealer Principals and administration staff. Having the ability to pay advisers on time, every time with the minimum of effort can make a big difference to the success of a licensee’s business and profitability.

“We believe that the answer lies in implementing much more efficient business processes for providing advisers with regular income and statements. Any tools, like PayLogic, that reduce hands-on data input and back-office monitoring will improve practice efficiency and adviser network morale,” said Gundeep Sidhu, Managing Director, AdviserLogic.

Two of the groups who implemented PayLogic over last year (known then as OnPay) have been particularly pleased with the productivity gains and ease of implementation:

1. Peter Rheinberger, CEO, iPraxis stated:

“Technology is changing at speed in the financial services sector. I have used each of the leading software systems in the market and also created our own systems. My decision to use AdviserLogic/PayLogic was driven by our need to have a dynamic, nimble, easy-to-understand advice, licensing and payment platform that would support a rapid growth business.

Our experience with AdviserLogic/PayLogic has been collaborative and successful.”

2. James Sutherland, Director, Myonlineadvisers, said:

“When we started the dealership back in 2012, we wanted our adviser payment process setup properly right from the beginning. As there were really only two options back then, we chose the one that seemed best suited as it was an online system….little did we realise how clunky this system really was or grasp the amount of time taken each payrun to get the data into the system.

“Switching to OnPay has given us the opportunity to create efficiencies in our payment process which is particularly important as we pay our advisers weekly. We needed software that is reliable, efficient and easy to use. The technological efficiencies are saving us approximately 50% more time than we were spending on our previous payment process.”

Payment systems are not all electronic … yet

Ideally, payments and statements are received electronically in a uniform format. Whilst this is not always the case, nonetheless technology solutions have to be flexible and accommodating to capture the information as and how presented.

“The team supporting PayLogic has developed its own schema framework to map the complex and often arcane payment methods used by over 300 different product providers for their thousands of underlying financial products. The skill is in using the schema to unravel the complexities and create a simplified payment structure which can be driven by flexible payment rules framework. The key is in the core reference point; we’ve changed the data architecture so that the core reference point is the adviser.

“PayLogic has simplified procedures for many of the major products that are regularly used by advisers and is building a library of schemas that quickly encode payments from previously unfamiliar payment systems,” said Mr Sidhu.

PayLogic has built-in features where the users can store product provider related information be it the statement passwords or instructions how to obtain the statements. The aim being to reduce key person risk for these mundane functions.

AdviserLogic is delighted to ‘win the trifecta’ of key software awards in the Investment Trends 2016 Planner Technology Report

AdviserLogic is delighted to ‘win the trifecta’ of key software awards in the Investment Trends 2016 Planner Technology Report

AdviserLogic won the Overall Satisfaction, Ease of Use and Value for Money categories ……. Taking out 12 of the 25 satisfaction categories surveyed

Overall Satisfaction 2016
AdviserLogic is pleased to have achieved such strong results in the Investment Trends 2016 Planner Technology Report that were announced today.

“The positive response from IFAs to our software has been growing steadily over eight years of operation. We are delighted to win the trifecta of Overall satisfaction, Ease of Use and Value for Money.

“Having won the Ease of Use category for the third year in a row confirms to us that our approach to building intuitive software is working.“The Value for Money win is especially sweet as we are talking a lot with the market about the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) factor in acquiring and operating software systems. Planners want a turnkey solution that does not unexpectedly turn into an extra layer of costs for third party customisation just to make it usable. Customising software hurts AFSL margins and cannot always be recouped from clients; clients are increasingly becoming allergic to higher costs for advice.

“It is not surprising that the Report talks about fee pressures and notes that many advisers are reviewing their software needs. They need value for money, pure and simple,” said Daniel Gara, Head of Product Development, AdviserLogic.

The 2016 Planner Technology Report is based on an online survey of 878 financial planners.

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Money Management

API v4.0

AdviserLogic can connect!

We’ve published the latest version of our API. Among other enhancements, Version 4.0 includes dependents, health details and liabilities.

If you’re interested in getting a copy, please email support@adviserlogic.com.


Former President of the Institute of Chartered Accountants joins AdviserLogic as a strategic consultant

David Smith will later join the Board as a Non-Executive Chairman

We have recently announced that Mr David Smith has been appointed as a consultant to the AdviserLogic Group. Mr Smith will be appointed to the Board as a Non-Executive Chairman in due course.

David Smith (2)

Mr Smith is a well-respected industry figure in accounting, software development and financial services circles; having created a successful software business including a leading SMSF administration platform that was sold to Solution 6 (now part of MYOB) in 1999. David also spent a number of years on the Board of CountPlus and was briefly CEO of Class Limited prior to its recent IPO.

He is currently also assisting a range of companies as consultant, Non-Executive Director or Non-Executive Chairman. Mr Smith was formerly Managing Partner of PKF (now BDO), Sydney and is a past President of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia (now Chartered Accountants Australia+New Zealand). He was also an investor in and Non-Executive Chairman of a Life Risk Licensee that has since been absorbed into Macquarie Group.

We’re honoured that a person of David’s calibre has agreed to take on this very important role as we systematically move to the next level of corporate development; building on our more than eight years of success to date.

His expertise as a ‘steady and experienced hand’ will be critical to the AdviserLogic Group as we take advantage of the restructuring, disruption and aggregation that Financial Services and Accounting are experiencing at present and over the horizon.

Our team firmly believes that emerging specialist firms such as AdviserLogic require deep market experience from the likes of Mr Smith, as much as it needs the best software programmers.

Much discussion in our industry has been around the effects of FOFA, the demise and (we believe) resurgence of boutique players and rise of the bank models. No one foresaw that FOFA would encourage more non-aligned players, no less than that some banks would be selling off insurance businesses and streamlining their services back to branch level.

You need deep market knowledge and experience to navigate these types of changes.

Mr Smith will focus on Strategy and Governance for AdviserLogic as well as assisting with reviewing M&A prospects in the marketplace.

“A casualty of the post-FOFA market will be small or even mid-sized players that just offer similar services that are available down the road or over the internet. We see opportunities emerging from consolidation and, conversely, further disruption amongst product and service suppliers,” said Mr Smith.

Mr Gara expects to be announcing more senior appointments to the firm shortly

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smsf adviserMoney Management

AdviserLogic is first to market with LiveChat support

We’re the first software group to offer an out-of-hours service to advisers
We’ve gone on to build our LiveChat feature after the success of existing support resources including HelpCentre (library of instructional articles) and video library on YouTube

We’re the first to the market with a LiveChat support facility for advisers and paraplanners to more conveniently connect to assistance during and after business hours.

“It’s surprising that it has taken the industry so long to meet the demand for out-of-hours contact between service providers and advisers. While we all aim for our services to be intuitive, that is no comfort if you are finishing an SOA late on a Friday evening and you just can’t get the outcome you want,” said Daniel Gara, Head of Product Development.

The demand for this online access is expected to mainly assist our clients:
• who need real-time assistance, but don’t need to phone in
• looking for help after-hours
• who need a record of what they’ve learned, but find that email lacks convenience

AdviserLogic offers LiveChat support service which will run until late each work-day evening. Having system-specialist support staff in another geographic location enables us to deliver a longer timeframe of support in the working week.


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Bulk Fee Disclosure Statements Become a Reality

It’s here – the ability to generate all of your Fee Disclosure Statements at the click of a button!

Have you ever lost days manually generating your Fee Disclosure Statements? Well not anymore. In AdviserLogic you can now set your Disclosure Date, your Service Level and upload all of your revenue statements, leading to a one click option to generate your Fee Disclosure Statements as the become due.

Take a look at how easy they are by watching this tutorial

Key Appointment at AdviserLogic – Danni Millar, Client Advocate

Danni Millar

We are very excited to announce the addition of Danni Millar to Team AdviserLogic!  Danni will take on the newly-created role of Client Advocate.

As your business develops, Danni will be responsible for ensuring that you’re making the most of AdviserLogic and its many features and service offerings.  She will also be your voice with management, ensuring that we understand what challenges you’re facing and how we can help you thrive.

You can read about Danni’s considerable industry experience below.


About Danni:
A financial services professional with over 16 years’ industry experience, Danni Millar has worked in various roles including marketing manager for a large financial planning dealer group, business manager, trading floor assistant and business development manager in funds management. Danni has also worked in practice management for a large financial planning dealership and as an associate adviser within a boutique financial planning practice.

She ran her own consulting business for four years offering a wide range of consultative support including practice management, process design and implementation, organisational structure and client service advice and support. Most recently Danni worked as the transitions manager for Federation Alliance, an independent platform provider and was responsible for managing the transition of clients from existing service providers, ongoing account management and client servicing of her panel of advisers.

Danni has gained her experience within groups such as Blackrock, RI Advice, ICAP and ING and has also worked in the IFA space.